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Pencil Me In

Teacher Pencil Gift Set

Teacher Pencil Gift Set

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Share your appreciation for all of the hard work from your favourite teacher this year with a Teacher Pencil Gift Set from Pencil Me In. The colourful 2B pencils are each printed with a different compliment for a teacher, acting as a constant reminder of gratitude for the hard working mentor.

 Teacher Pencil Texts:





 Even the best teachers out there sometimes make mistakes, but with these printed pencils it’s no trouble at all to simply erase an error using the excellent-quality rubber on the end. Never fear, there’s no dodgy marks left on the paper from these erasers.

 If the colours of these printed pencils aren’t quite right for the pencil gift set you’d prefer, let us know during checkout or reply to your confirmation email with the colours you’d prefer.

 Teacher Pencils Gift Set Includes:

Four unsharpened 2B pencils with erasers

Blank cardboard gift box

This set of teacher pencils is one of the many printed pencil gift set boxes that are for sale at the Pencil Me In stationery store in Scotland, which also sells greeting cards and notepads, among many other paper products.

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