My Shoplife

Welcome Shopkeeper!

The #myshoplife Instagram challenge began in April 2017 when I realised there was nothing out there for the wonderful community of independent shops. A lot of us work alone in store and maybe don't have employees - this was a great way to bring a community of like minded people together & celebrate the brilliant independent shops all over the UK & beyond. 

Welcome to 2020 our fourth year of the challenge - we can't wait to have you involved! It starts on Tuesday September 1st - you can take part by posting to your Instagram grid or in stories or a mix of both. Don't worry if you miss a day here or there - you can catch up on a multiple post or just miss a few and start a fresh. If you have any questions DM Sarah on Instagram @pencilmeinshop.

This year we are coming together to remember all those who have sadly passed away in 2020 due to COVID19, remembering those especially working in frontline retail (during lockdown). The image for this day has been lovingly designed by Kate Dowling from Kate & The Ink - please credit her on the post @kate&theInk. We have featured a quote from Matt Haig for illustration. 

Day 9 - Reflection Illustration

If you are not sure what to post on Day 9 - the Pencil Me In post will be live at 7am and can be reshared/reposted. 

Please remember to tag @pencilmeinshop in your posts and use the hashtag #myshoplife20 - you can also *follow* hashtags now on Instagram.