My Shoplife 2024

Welcome Shopkeeper!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the 6th annual #MyShoplife Instagram challenge, orchestrated by Sarah Holmes, the passionate founder of Pencil Me In, an independent stationery shop, and Seasgair Store, homeware and gifts. This exciting challenge is set to run from Saturday, April 20th, for 8 consecutive days.

#MyShoplife is not just a typical Instagram challenge; it's a unique opportunity for shopkeepers to showcase their businesses and enhance their sales strategies. Each day's prompt is carefully designed to empower shop owners, providing them with a platform to celebrate their shops and connect more effectively with their customer base.

I've created a planner with specific tips on how to use each prompt to sell your instore experience and product. I really recommend to plan out the 8 days content to ensure you can make the most of the week and not duplicate any points. 

My Shoplife 24 is now live, ready to go on Saturday 20th April, download your planner to help you here : PLANNER

You are also very welcome to join our Closed Shopkeeper facebook group.