My Shoplife

Welcome Shopkeeper!

The #myshoplife Instagram challenge began in April 2017 when I realised there was nothing out there for the wonderful community of independent shops. A lot of us work alone in store and maybe don't have employees - this was a great way to bring a community of like minded people together & celebrate the brilliant independent shops all over the UK & beyond. 

The 2021 version of MyShoplife has been re-invented into a shorter sharper verison of 12 prompts, running from Monday 14th June to Friday 25th June. The past 18 months have been hard on our shops & the challenge this year is designed to help you tell your story but help promote & shout about your shop, products & area, encouraging new people to visit your area. 

You can download a planner HERE - we really recommend using a planner to ensure no duplicate posting and the more prepped you are the more likely the chance of completion!

You are also very welcome to join our Closed Shopkeeper facebook group.