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Scottish Word Pencil Set

Scottish Word Pencil Set

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To most Scottish people these are four fine words. To most non Scottish people these words don’t exist. But they should. 

Scottish Words Pencil Texts:





Outwith : Outwith the parameters

Swithering : I was swithering over the donut or the empire biscuit 

Greetin’ : He was greetin’ over the football result {crying}

Peely -wally : she was very peely wally so we put her straight to bed with some calpol 

The pencils have a HB graphite lead that is a pleasure to write with, and make a great gift for all stationery lovers.

The Scottish words pencils are printed on white & navy pencils, each printed with the capitalised text in white and blue foil.

Scottish Pencils Gift Set Includes:

Four unsharpened 2B pencils with erasers

Blank cardboard gift box

This set of Scottish word pencils is one of the many printed pencil gift set options available from the Pencil Me In stationery store in Scotland, which also stocks stacks of paper products and gift items.


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