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School of Life

School of Life Journal - Projects Notebook

School of Life Journal - Projects Notebook

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This bright yellow hardback notebook from the School of Life is filled with blank, dot grid paper, acting as a central point of focus to help organise thoughts on our projects. All lives are full of various projects, whether they are educational, concepts for home decoration, writing a novel or planning parties. Regardless of the type of project, this blank notebook is a fantastic tool to keep organised and motivated.

The School of Life Journal begins with a page-long text about the benefits of working on projects in life - how they help inspire us, motivate us, and give our lives some direction. Working on projects requires space, freedom and hard work to take an idea from concept to reality, and this dot grid notebook is just one helpful tool, addicting as a focus point for project organisation.

 The beauty of the dot grid notebook paper is that it allows just the barest hint of structure, allowing the pages to be filled with writing, drawings, sketches, graphs, lists or charts - whatever the project needs at any point in time.

The School of Life is an international education organisation that offers tools, services and resources to help people with life issues and on growth.

This hardcover notebook is available through the Pencil Me In online stationery store as part of a large collection of writing tools, paper products, personalised pencils and stationery supplies

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