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Platinum preppy fountain pen - 4 colours

Platinum preppy fountain pen - 4 colours

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The Platinum Preppy fountain pen is lovely example of Japanese pen design with a smart coloured polycarbonate barrel corresponding to the colour of the ink. It has a translucent cap with a coloured end and pocket clip which also matched the ink colour. Hi-tech feed system ensures reliable ink flow.

Extra fine nib - 0.2mm line

Fine nib - 0.3mm line

Medium nib - 0.5mm line

Available in:

  • Blue ink with an extra fine nib
  • Purple ink with a fine nib
  • Green ink with a fine nib
  • Black ink with a medium nib.

    This pen is a wonderful gift available from the Pencil Me in stationery store in Scotland. Why not treat yourself to a lovely new notebook too.

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