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Erasable Pen

Erasable Pen

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Is this the pen of your dreams? It can actually erase the ink but it's also lovely to use and cute to boot! With fun cute animal tops it is great for kids and adults alike. The tip is a 0.7mm for smooth handwriting. Makes a great pocket money purchase, stocking filler or addition to your pencil case. Each pen comes in different coloured ink and you can refill them too, we have a stock of Blue, red and teal ink.

Animals Available:

Koala - Red Ink

Shark - Blue Ink

Cat - Black Ink 

Panda - Black Ink

Bear - Blue Ink

Dinosaur - Green Ink

Pig - Pink ink

Bunny - Purple ink

Llama - Blue ink

Unicorn - Pink ink

Flowers - Turquoise ink

Elephant - Blue ink

Lion - Orange ink

Teddy Bear - Red ink 

Astronaut - Black ink

Corgi - Black ink 

Giraffe - Black ink

  • Height (cm): 15
  • Weight (g): 6.5
  • Depth (cm): 0.8
  • Diameter (cm): 0.8

All these fab and fun writing tools are available from Pencil Me In, if you like these you might also like these best selling thin tip pens. 

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