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Doric Pencil Set

Doric Pencil Set

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Discover the charm of the Scottish Highlands with the Doric Pencil Set. Featuring beloved phrases in the northern Scottish dialect (Doric), this set is the perfect souvenir for tourists or anyone who appreciates the local culture. A unique and thoughtful gift that will surely inspire fond memories.

Doric Pencil Texts:

FIT LIKE?  (How are you?)

DOON ABOOT THE MOO  (Down about the mouth/out of sorts)

QUINES & LOONS  (Girls & Boys)

FOOS YER DOOS  (Exact translation - Hows your pigeons,  however most use it to ask how you are!)


The pencils have a 2B graphite lead that is a pleasure to write with, and make a great gift for any stationery lover.

The doric pencils are mid blue & navy with capitalised text in shiny foil.

Doric Set Includes:

Four unsharpened 2B pencils with erasers

Blank cardboard gift box

Pencil sets are one of the most popular gift items available from the Pencil Me In stationery store in Scotland, which also offers the option to print your own message on a personalised pencil.

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