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Blackwing Pencil - Black

Blackwing Pencil - Black

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Softer, darker and smoother. The Blackwing Matte Pencil has the softest lead of all of the Blackwing pencils, resulting in a smooth, strong line with minimal pressure. As with all of the Blackwing pencils, the black matte option features the iconic square shape of the top-notch eraser, which handles mistakes with ease.

 The Blackwing Matte Pencil is favoured by musicians and artists for the reliability and quality of the lead, which also makes it possible to get a non-sheen result. Numerous famous composers, animators and musicians have gone on the record about their love of the Blackwing pencil, which is now available for all aspiring creators to purchase.

 Blackwing Matte Pencil Features:

  • Soft, dark line (similar to a 4B pencil)
  • Timeless matte black finish
  • Iconic square Blackwing ferrule in gold with a black eraser
  • Sleek design and satisfying to use
  • Gift box can be used as a pencil cup
  • Made in Japan from renewable California incense-cedar

 The Blackwing brand is world famous for their pencils, which can be traced back to the 1930s when the Blackwing 602 was first introduced. The Blackwing pencils caught the attention of artists and musicians thanks to the supreme quality, and the unique square ferrule quickly became iconic. The brand was discontinued in 1998, but reintroduced to the market in 2010 thanks to the pressure from the worldwide community of Blackwing pencil fans.

 This Blackwing Matte Pencil is one of many incredible writing tools that are available from the Pencil Me In stationery store, which has become well-known as Scotland’s leading pencil shop and a purveyor of custom printed pencils.

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