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Back to School Pencil Gift Set

Back to School Pencil Gift Set

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This Back to School Pencil Gift Set from Pencil Me In is a wonderful gift for someone returning to learning or off to start at a new school. This time, we are bringing you a gift box of 12 coloured pencils and four of our wonderful 2B lead pencils, all custom printed with the student’s name in silver foil.

With this Back to School pencil gift set, there’s no excuse for turning up unprepared or losing any of the personalised stationery. Ownership is guaranteed when you’ve got custom printed pencils with your name on in shiny silver foil capital letters!

The custom colouring pencils have "Colourworld CE" printed on the reverse side of the pencil to where the name is printed. These colour pencils are bright and fun to colour with, and sharpen well.

Custom Pencil Gift Set Options:

Set of Coloured Pencils


Set of Coloured Pencils  + Box of 4 2B Pencils

Customisation Options:

You can select any of our 19 different pencil colours for the 2B pencils - check out our personalised pencil service for more details on the available colours. The 2B printed pencils have a high quality rubber on the end, which can erase writing cleanly without leaving marks on the paper.

Although getting the student’s name is a popular option for the Back to School printed pencil gift set, you do not have to have a name printed - any phrase can be printed. There is space for up to 30 characters per printed pencil, including spaces and punctuation. All letters are capitalised, and there are also heart and star emojis possible.

 How to Order:

Select your custom pencil gift set option from the drop down box, and checkout with the cart. At the checkout you can use the ADD NOTE TO ORDER function to let us know of your pencil personalisation details. If there are any problems with your request, or details missing, we will reach out to you by email to confirm the order.

You can have the pencils posted to you or collect them in store. Orders will be processed on a first come, first served, basis unless you state you need for a specific date as part of your note.

This set of Back to School printed pencils is one of the most popular gift items available from the Pencil Me In stationery store in Scotland, which offers a large number of different printed pencil gift set options as well as loads of paper products, writing tools and gift items.

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