I Love Independent Stationery Shops

I Love Independent Stationery Shops


I know you are just like me and love discovering a stationery shop. To celebrate National Stationery Week I thought I'd share all of the independent stationery shops I know so you can know, visit & shop with them too. I have been to a lot of these shops, or they are stockists of our custom printed pencils. Please do get in touch to have your favourite added to the map. 

Now what classes an independent stationery shop... usually one store but i guess up to 5 branches. Somewhere with a HOST of pens and pencils to choose from, the shop smells great from selections of good quality notebooks, accessories like scissors, rulers, sharpeners, clips, tapes, erasers... you get the idea.

From Orkney to Axminster stationery shops are waiting to be discovered by you, and we can't wait to add more shops to the map. Use the link to the map below...




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